meet the TEAM

Founder & Executive Director

Raymond Li

Hi I’m Raymond, the executive director and founder of the Happy Hackers Foundation. I am in grade 12 at Semiahmoo Secondary in the IB Programme. My background is mainly in physics and debate, however, I also enjoy coding with my good friend Jason. We’ve competed at several hackathons in the past and love algorithm and competitions like the CCC and USACO. I am also a debate coach and snowboard instructor. In my free time I like to play hockey and basketball with my friends, play the saxophone and debate.


Jason Chen

Hi my name is Jason Chen a Co-Director at the Happy Hackers Foundation. I am a Grade 12 IB student. I am extremely passionate for providing accessible opportunities for children at a young age in STEM! In my free time, I enjoy coding and going outside.

Austin Jiang

Austin Jiang, a grade 11 IB student at West Vancouver Secondary, is a coding enthusiast with competitive programming and software development expertise. Known for setting challenges on DMOJ, he’s also created a full-stack social media platform and founded a game development club at school. Passionate about education, Austin tutors young tech enthusiasts, ensuring the next generation is versed in coding.

Executive team

Roshan R

Hi, I’m Roshan and I’m the director of web services at happy hackers foundation. I’m currently in grade 12 and enjoy learning in my free time. Other than that, I love to watch movies and occasionally play video games with my friends. Top movie of 2023 so far has gotta be mission impossible btw.

Daniel Xu

Hello! My name is Daniel. I am a grade 12 student from Semiahmoo Secondary in BC, Canada. My background is in robotics but I also have experience in programming competitions and game development. In my spare time, I enjoy playing hockey and basketball with friends, playing violin, and composing music.

Lawrence He

Hello! I’m in grade 11, currently studying at Toronto French School. I love debating, the sciences, and reading, but I especially love entrepreneurship. I love thinking of solutions to daily problems, and then mobilizing those ideas into reality. Before joining Happy Hacks, I’ve created multiple startups, ranging from marketing agencies to esports coaching. Through these experiences, I’ve learned various important skills, and I’m excited to continue developing them at Happy Hacks.

Paul Xu

Hello! My name is Paul, I am going into grade 12 at Semiahmoo Secondary in BC, Canada. I began coding in grade 8, and have mainly had experiences in competitive coding. In the future I plan on studying the sciences. I love swimming, going to the gym, reading, listening to music, and doing math problems. I am very excited to continue develop this awesome organization Happy Hackers!

Senior Competition managers

Ryan Kwak

Hello, my name is Ryan Kwak, and I am a competition manager for the Happy Hackers Foundation. I am a Grade 12 student from Semiahmoo Secondary and in part of the IB program. Although much of my focus is orientated towards school, my passions include biking around and playing music.

Harrison Lin

Hey! My name is Harrison Lin, and I am one of the many competition managers at the Happy Hacker Foundation. I am passionate in developing and enriching all aspects of myself as a person. For this reason, I am currently a grade 12 student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diplome Programme as a means of further raising the bar of academic success. When trying to unwind from built-up stress, I find badminton, working out, and socializing to work wonders for myse

Competition managers


Hello! My name is Emily and I am currently in 10th grade. I began coding during quarantine and have since largely worked with web/app development. I enjoy taking dual enrollment classes to expand my knowledge of cybersecurity and general programming. In my free time, I enjoy teaching Javascript, hanging out with friends, and watching new TV shows.

Alan Guo

Hi, My name is Alan Guo, and I am a grade 12 IB student at Semiahmoo Secondary. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and working out! I also really enjoy hacking happily, so I feel I am a great fit!

Samitha holla

Hello, my name is Samhita. I love anything STEM related, but especially math! When I’m not hunched over my computer, typing lines of code or building exciting projects, you’ll often catch me playing the flute or singing!

Andrew Zhang

Hi, my name is Andrew Zhang and I like coding! I am in Grade 12 at Semiahmoo Secondary School and in the IB program. I believe coding is very versatile and will have many uses in life such as in engineering! My hobbies are coding, computers, and math! I am excited to join the Happy Hackers Foundation!

Human Resources

Sathvik Vinnakota

Hello! My name is Sathvik, and I am the head of hiring for the Happy Hackers Foundation. I am a Grade 12 student in the Semiahmoo Secondary IB Program, and in my free time I coach public speaking, watch soccer or cricket, play guitar, and play basketball with my friends.